The Unbelievable Bargains – Fun Times Why Not

Band Promo Shoot – March 2013

Mamiya 645j  – Ilford B& W

Nikon Fm – Shoppers colour Film stuck on a roof gutter after the snow melted , had fallen out a window. Dots are water marks.




Diana in the Greenhouse

Shown at the Platform Members wall – April 2014

My first test of my newly Salvation Army silent auction acquired Mamiya 645j medium format camera.

At the greenhouse of University of Manitoba with Diana Sawatsky, seen in the photo’s.

We talked about how cool it would be to make a film here, the main character someone that worked in a greenhouse.  These photos taken while we imagined this ended up being pretty much that film idea.

DTG 2014


Europa 2009

Taken on a 35mm Minolta camera that had a semi-broken lens after falling to the ground upon returning to Italy with my DJ friends from an excursion. The camera body worked but the lens was now stuck to one aperture, 2.8, and the lens was tilted inward on one side so the focus sat diagonally across the frame with blurred edges on two corners. Needless to say, I was forced to look for new ways to photograph. Anything not 2 – 3 feet away was out of focus, so I started to play alot with the open shapes unfocused landscape brings. My mood at the time was also affecting the photos. I was a quite unhinged from any responsibility, wandering through Europe on dime budget and $6 Ryanair flights, deciding in Barcelona to start sleeping outside to save on costs and for adventure. I felt like an outsider wandering the streets of these famous cities.  I was taking hobo’s-eye-veiw photographs, but also knew at the time that this broken camera and my trip was expanding my photographic vocabulary and style. One of those moments where you feel yourself breathing in new knowledge in big gulps.

This reckless drifting experimentation was part of my style at this time, working mostly on intuition, and spontaneity, and precarious.

DTG 2014