The Unbelievable Bargains – Fun Times Why Not

Band Promo Shoot – March 2013

Mamiya 645j  – Ilford B& W

Nikon Fm – Shoppers colour Film stuck on a roof gutter after the snow melted , had fallen out a window. Dots are water marks.




Diana in the Greenhouse

Shown at the Platform Members wall – April 2014

My first test of my newly Salvation Army silent auction acquired Mamiya 645j medium format camera.

At the greenhouse of University of Manitoba with Diana Sawatsky, seen in the photo’s.

We talked about how cool it would be to make a film here, the main character someone that worked in a greenhouse.  These photos taken while we imagined this ended up being pretty much that film idea.

DTG 2014

Filmstrippers & The Electric Eye


This idea of this show started with Las Vegas and I saw links to photographs I’d taken in Winnipeg with ‘broken’ cameras that bled the light throughout the frame of the filmstrip, and portrait experiments of leaving the shutter open a long time and using a flash. I’m using canvas to match the relaxed energy of a “fine art’ shopping mall gallery.  Everything’s for sale, and ready to go, as if they are products for hotel rooms only.

The Sunset Strip. I go there for my respite job sometimes. Four times so far. We stay at the Circus Circus hotel cause it’s central. It’s the one with the rotating gambling bar from the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. That bar is now an ice cream bar or something. I hated Las Vegas a little less each time, finding ways to get salvation in the amusement park of tourism that I’m not used to being from Winnipeg which has no tourists. I was panicked. I felt especially sensitive to the consumptive horror I’d feel in shopping malls, packaged deals and casino mazes. Armed with a camera , I’d be invincible to it. I could make my own logic composing within my camera, finding ways to translate my wonder and anxiety by studying the Strip architecture and the strange culture existing within. The size and grandeur of the advertising can be one of the best things about the Strip. If like me, you are attracted to anything flashing, strobing, colourful, reflecting, or geometric, there’s much to observe. Moth to the flame, I’m attracted to the music of the neon signs and can easily be lulled into a hypnotic state by the rhythm of the flashing lights, traffic or pedestrians. I feel this work expresses a lot of the different states of electricity and emotion one might feel on the inside at any one time while the outward look seems calm, perhaps while shopping, or partying, or in dreams.
In my photography I often play with obscurity, dream-like faces,  and lots of things happening at once.
DTG, 2014